How EditMeet Works

Submit Your Press Release

We have made 'press release submission' an easy process. Through a single page submission you can input all necessary details. As soon as you click 'Go', your press release is available on EditMeet cloud, ready to be distributed.

Did we mention that you do not have to go through a tedious sign-up process!

Select A Plan

After submitting your press release select a free or a paid plan. A free plan will enable your press release hosting on EditMeet and distribution to a large network of media. However, a paid plan will get you committed coverage and impressions, and provide smart analytics.

Our paid plan is atleast 30% cheaper than any other service provider, and gives more value across any parameter!

Track and Analyze Your Campaign

We make it easy to track and view your press release’s exposure. View all your statistics under the Analytics tool. From potential reach to social media engagement, all of your stats are available in your dashboard.