Government Introduces Key Ministry Officials into Facets of Institutional Arbitration

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~Move marks a significant shift in Government outlook towards Arbitration as an effective way of dispute resolution ~

In a bid to promote Institutional Arbitration in key government ministries, Government of India is conducted a training session with Nani Palkhivala Arbitration Centre (NPAC). This two-day program is being held at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in Mussoorie on 6th& 7th June and will witness the participation of more than 30 Secretaries and Joint Secretaries from key central ministries.

The exercise marks a key point in thought-process of government functionaries who realize the unprecedented international significance that Arbitration is gaining for resolving international bilateral and cross-border disputes besides national cases.

Speaking about the training sessions, Mr. N.L. Rajah, Senior Advocate at Madras High Court and Director at NPAC said, “Recent years have seen a spurt in commercial disputes which have taken Arbitration route. It has become imperative for government machinery to recognize and acknowledge this fact. This training is a great step in educating key officials about advantages of Institutional Arbitration by independent institutions.”

In the background of litigation suffering from deficiencies like high cost and delays, the government has recognized the importance of implementing Institutional Arbitration to create a fair arbitration atmosphere, and avoid too much ad-hocism. Towards this initiative, the Ministry of Justice has recognized 19 non-government institutions, NPAC being one of them, which are authorized to take up alternate dispute resolution methods. The Department of Justice, along with NPAC, aims to educate and underscore the importance of implementing alternate dispute redressal mechanisms in India, not necessarily restricted to arbitration alone but all forms of alternate dispute resolution.

The training sessions will capture many insightful topics, including ‘Drafting & Interpretation of Contracts: Interplay between Arbitration, Commercial Courts and IBC’, which will be headed by Ms. Payal Chawla, Advocate & Founder at JusContractus. While Dr. Amit George, Advocate and Independent Counsel, will lead a session on how judicial systems can be regularized, Mr. V.S. Jayakumar, Advocate at the Madras High Court, will speak about areas where the government frequently lands into trouble before the courts.

Growing interest in positioning India as a global arbitration hub will not only help Government in cutting down lengthy legal proceedingsbutalso boost India’s ranking in ‘Ease-of-doing-Business Index’, one of Government’s key agendas.

About Nani Palkhivala Arbitration Centre (NPAC)

Founded in 2005, NPAC is the only Arbitration forum in South India to have been formally recognised by the Madras High Court. With the inauguration of its branch in Delhi last year, it also became the first Indian Arbitration Institute to have two centres in the country. NPAC is modeled on the lines of International Arbitration Centres, and aims at providing world class arbitration facilities by facilitating Ad hoc and Institutional Arbitration in both the public as well as private domain. For further information please visit –

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