Famous and in- famous hair trends in Bollywood: Advanced Hair Studio

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Advance Hair Studio | Ludhiana | 26/11/2018:

Cinema has shaped India’s culture over the years and Bollywood is considered as a religion across the country. People have always been influenced by the enigma of movie stars and have followed them. Remember the old family photographs that saw people adorning a hairdo resembling Amitabh Bachchan’s jet black, side- swept hair with a slight bump in the front? Or the times when Salman Khan’s Tere Naam hairstyle was doing rounds. With evolving trends and tastes, Bollywood continues to mesmerize the young and old alike. While some hairstyles influenced many, there were some iconic ones that took Bollywood lovers by a storm. Here are a few picks by Advanced Hair Studio experts:

The ‘famous’ hair do-s

  1. This tousled look sported by Salman Khan is a ‘Yay’ for us as this look works well for both formal and informal occasions. In his latest movie “Tiger Zinda Hain” he was seen rocking this look, with a light stubble and his ageless bhai
  2. Hair parting in men’s hairstyle has been trending on and off, but the trend is not fading away anytime soon. Ayushmann Khurrana has sported this hairstyle for the longest time. His looks, along with his acting, has been stealing the hearts of millions.
  3. The king of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan’s pushed back long hair is definitely a ‘thumbs- up’ for us. Pushed back long hair is an easy, go-to hairstyle if you want your hair to look voluminous. Neatly pushed back hair is our immediate favorite.
  4. Short spikey look donned by Varun Dhawan goes perfectly in line with his charming and energetic personality. Spiky hair is something that helps add texture and style to a simple cut. Messy, unstructured, soft, short or long, there are tonnes of ways to make this hairstyle work for you.
  5. Who doesn’t like a good boy? Well Akshay Kumar’s Ivy League Crew Cut is the epitome of a simple, yet super attractive hairstyle with the neat parting.

The ‘infamous’ hair do-s

  1. This partition look sported by Salman Khan in Tere Naam had to be number one in our list for obvious reasons. Not to forget, this look turned out to be the highlight of this movie and his career as well.
  2. Saif Ali Khan sporting a blonde hair look in Go Goa Gone was a sure shot no for us. The movie created a lot of buzz and one of the reasons was definitely Saif’s Russian look.
  3. This look of Ranveer Singh post the movie ‘Padmavat’ is surely an addition to his kitty of crazy and strange looks. We must say, ‘man bun’ taken too seriously.
  4. Actor-Director-Singer, Farhan Akhtar’s shoulder-length, center partitioned curly hair has been our least favorite over the years. Since Farhan has started to act, he has experimented quite a lot with his roles and looks, whatever he does, we wish that he does not repeat this again!
  5. Aamir Khan, AKA perfectionist is well known to take his roles’ look and feel way too seriously. This look went viral like his film ‘Ghajini’. We also think that to forget this hairstyle one needs to have short-term memory loss.


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